Poem – The apple tree

He sat alone amongst the many

Soulful, stifled, unknown to all

As if a shadow followed him in sunshine

As passers-by, unseen, did fall

He sat alone amongst the many

Touching though they could not feel

Speaking though they could not hear

He shouted as if to declare;

‘I’m reaching out to those in need

But it’s me who needs protecting

The multitude could not feel, hear or see 

No-one that day would follow me.’

He sat alone amongst the many

He sat there as twilight followed day

Knowing someone, somewhere, would assist him

Knowing someone, somewhere, would one day say;

“I’ve been you when you were me

I’ve been near the end, alone and lonely

Believe, have faith, prey mercy be

Come take my hand, all you need, only

Is a friend from the pit, from down below

Who’s been there once, twice, thrice before

Starved, deprived of pictures, words

Starved of truth, forgotten, poor.

Yet I’ve walked sun-filled streets free from harm

To feel shackle wrap ’round my arm

So I reach up toward the sky

‘Cos there I find the reason why.

‘Release me,’ I cried, enjoy the day

I know not any other way

When shackle’s gone, life surrounds

Sickness and fear no more abound.

Fear and emotion I wear not well

Estrangement, loss, a wishing well

Espouse free thought and free expression

As I share with you my true impression

Safe and harmless it may be

Undervalued, uncared for, freedom lost

My smile, at best, a need to see

Save other from life’s needless cost.

What we harvest we, in time, reap then sow

No matter a good harvest or a bad one be

Beyond the pit come follow me

The fruit will grow on your apple tree.”

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