Poem – What lies beneath…

Dancing on the water

It glistened in the sun

Knowing not what lay beneath

Knowing not what rose above


It was the sun that led me there

Nothing else to follow

Knowing not where you were

My life directionless, I wallow


Into a hole I’d fallen down

Without your presence in’t

My only expression now a frown

The sun barely a glint


In my mother’s or my father’s eye

Before I came, explored

What this fair world, awaiting me

Would represent, would store


Hidden away ‘til adult-hood

Was love, that word used oft’

Feelings mixed within melting pot

Like boiled kettle, held aloft


I stood close to water’s edge

And saw the fish there swimming in

Was my heart with her or transplanted

To a place beyond where I had been?


The fish I saw in glistening water

A glint, no doubt, was in its eye

Was my fate staring me down

Or would I always wonder why?


I was lost beneath, within the sea

Dancing water, glistened sun

Was it my fate to reflect or find

Or walk this world, alone, as one?


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