Poem – Heaven

Is there a place for me up there?

Behind prison bars, a place retained

Repent and enter the Gates when called

Teach, philosophise, abstain.


Abandonment of those who build

Discard those who don’t agree

Have mercy on those who walk the trail

Inculcate to follow thee


Nature, nurture, heredity

A blank slate until you’re seven

Recklessness over intellect

Before you reach the Gates of Heaven


Privilege, Wealth, must walk alone

It is the weak who need attending

Abundance enters ‘Heaven’ on Earth

Needy shunned by Earth, to Heaven, sending


Witness free thought, o’er yonder seen

Destiny, belief, opposed

Should my thoughts belong to me?

Or should I think and follow as I’m told?


There is a small stream far away

He’s on one side, me the other

The side of thought is not divine

Thought, by location, became my brother.

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