Poem – The Ides of May.

The letters, jumbled, words mis-spelt

Letter-head looked wrong

Exchange for others – rightly so,

Like words within a song


Shoulder set, scarring scene

Scarring arm of man

Face reflected, water’s edge

Makes up part of plan


Fresh is the air awaiting me

I feel, I breathe, the air, anew

Words are spelt, correct-ing-ly

Turning page comes into view


Thank God! To be free of care

Afar away, the Ides of May –

Arriving here, I leave fear

Back in yesterday


Back then, concern and troubled times

Circled me all day

‘Round the sphere of influence

They circumnavigate


A faction, out of favour

Efforts, crowded, like a clique

People vote the other way

Searching – they probe and seek


The page, it comes to life

Yet hidden behind painted veil

Feel-good-factor, warmth of glow

Satisfaction – never fail


Gifted, is the velvet touch

Upon the hand I hold

A life beyond what I had known

A life I’m yet to mould


Walk with me in summer’s sun

Stand beside,

Fill glass to brim


You redeem my chance to thrive

On path with you, through life,

I’m him


He who beholds your every move

One foot, two, then three and more

Hair flows, ordained, without decor

The book of love,

I’ve kept, in store.


I saw a star, a sparkle, glint

I opened the book of love –

I’m in’t.

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