Poem – One

Walking by the road-way, desolate

Eyes darting, back and forward

The light I saw came from the drawer

I’d opened once before

The tree, the breeze, the leaves, the glow

Knew each other, before any knew of me

The leaves, the breeze, and other trees

Joined their circle, welcomed in for free

To ever-last, the shoulder, past

The arm, out-stretched, to reach

The tree that sprung from life that lasts

Ne’er to fail or to breach

The rules to meet, the guidelines set

To join the party held by tree

And breeze and leaves and glow –

The trickle becomes a stream, a flow

Into which you welcome me

Horizon seen in distance

Rainbow before setting sun

After rain, colors remain

Red, blue, green, yellow

Become one.

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