He did it!

We always knew he would.

Boris Johnson may well go down in history as one of the most successful Prime Ministers of all time. And he may well have the next decade to prove himself.

Today, Tony Blair came out with writhing criticism of Jeremy Corbyn, the arguably socialist leader that led the Labour Party to their worst result since 1935. Other bloggers would be writing right now in his defence, but it seems to me from the ‘cheap seats’ that Mr. Corbyn was his own worst enemy.

And with a marketing technique the likes of which we have never seen before, and a leader with a sense of humour that was to his benefit rather than his detriment, the Tories certainly had what it took to show others how it is done.

The Etonian Prime Minister was able to come across as the man of the people, of the working class, if such terms can still be used in the UK (in Australia it is a thing of the past). The traditionally Labour voters who wanted to leave and, as the Prime Minister said, ‘lent’ their vote to the Tories, went trembling to the ballot box to vote Tory.

To be humbled by their vote and to understand that it is something that may not be given again, is a tribute to the Prime Minister and his team. No doubt they will be working hard over the next five years to ensure that trust is not lost.

As for Mr. Corbyn, his political history is long and leftist. His main problem, however, was with his delivery and policies. The Labour manifesto was full of promises and spending. The average Brit at the doorstop just didn’t believe it was honest, sensible or achievable, or, for that matter, in the best interests of themselves or the nation. Tony Blair puts it best, calling the Labour Party which he once led;

a glorified protest movement with cult trimmings, utterly incapable of being a credible government.

Rajeev Syal
The Guardian, Thu 19 Dec 2019 04.44 AEDT
First published on Wed 18 Dec 201922.07 AEDT

The article goes on to quote Blair as saying;

The choice for Labour is to renew itself as the serious, progressive, non-Conservative competitor for power in British politics, or retreat from such an ambition, in which case over time it will be replaced”.

Rajeev Syal
The Guardian, Thu 19 Dec 2019 04.44 AEDT

In fact, Tony Blair’s old seat of Sedgefield was lost to the Conservative Party at the election. This was part of a surge of support that grew in the North-East of England and the Midlands, promptly repaid by a visit soon after the election victory by none other than the newly elected Prime Minister himself.

The Prime Minister went on to say that the UK had got it’s “mojo” back.

And in his acceptance speech the day after the night before, he said to an elated group of young Tory workers that it was now time to Get Brexit Done. But, in his usual inimitable style, he said before we Get Brexit done let’s get breakfast done.

Such a sign of humour in a politician is as rare as teeth in a hen.

Congratulations, Mr. Prime Minister.

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