Come Visit Australia

Visiting the supermarket this weekend I saw shelves with little or no toilet paper. The supermarket usually only re-fills their shelves overnight but today they were hard at it, putting as much toilet paper on the shelves as they could to replace the many bundles walking out the door. I should have taken a photo.

A herd mentality is one thing that has driven such behaviour but in Australia I am pleased to report we have barely been affected by the virus, even though the Federal Government has put aside one billion dollars to fight it.

The worst part of the virus for Australians has been the impact it has had on business and tourism. People are frightened but their fear is needless at the moment. Care ought to be taken, of course, but we are being advised just to go about our daily lives and routines as normal as there is no reason to act differently. I’m more frightened of getting the flu than CoVid-19. Many more die from the flu every year even tough we already have a vaccine for that.

Nonetheless, Australia has just been through a hot summer and the weather couldn’t be better. Come on over. We have pristine beaches, amazing adventures, shimmering cities and natural wonders. And we need you! We are a friendly bunch and we are taking action against something that has affected a limited number due to our diligent health service and government bodies.

There’s never been a better time to visit!

(And…we make our own toilet paper so supplies are limitless).

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