The joy of being in awe

And when the sun stops shining
and the sky – it draws a cloud
she whispers words of wisdom
to those in her surrounds

She says; you see a darkened sky
your choice – your worldly view
but please remember thoughts you had
before they cast themselves on you

They spoke of luminescence
and of cherries in your tree
they spoke of sweetness, love and care
and of the warmest sea

They spoke of children out at play
and your eyes within my own
they spoke of times when all was fine
and that cherry tree had grown

They spoke of fun and games designed
to cherish spirit’s sight
and breathe and bubble – nearer – slow
and roam through sheer delight

They spoke of the sublimest time
and windows – opened – to the sky
and rooftops gazing out at meadows
and a farmhand – sure but shy

They spoke of daffodils and roses
of deciduous and green
they spoke of swimming in the lake
and bundling near the stream

They spoke of nature’s presence
and of those entrusting woods
and of the cream – rising
as we always knew it would

Bring back those times on road well past
and share their essence and their core
for today has lots to say
about the joy of being in awe.

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