The hall of darkness

He walked the hall of darkness

Toward where the light had shone

But the headlamp of the coming train –

Was on


He strolled with tunnel vision

His eyes deceived by rain

It was only a short shower –

Umbrella’s sweet refrain


He dawdled down the road less travelled

He heard thunder – more like hail

His hearing was imperfect –

He was frail


He crawled upon the avenue

To the parkland – hear the band

His sight showed him perfection

Then he ran


For he could not face perfection

Even excellence could be

Pristine in the valley –

Unspoiled in the sea


And he could not bear consider merit

It did not sit well with him –

Though hard-fought, his achievements (such as they were)

Had been


But those were for others to judge

When they had the time

In the tunnel, in the parkland,

In the valley, in the rain,

The light, once bright, like sunshine –

Whence it came.



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