Regret – regret – a dreaded thought the solitude of soul desired by the darkest cloud a lonely place to grow The fence impaled slowly – a gradual affect barely noticed by the throng unlikely to reflect The light that glistened on the sea the sun – it stayed to watch the dance planned out … Continue reading Regret

Once was

The misty rain fell through the day and left her smile (torn) The deluge fell but for a time and left her beau (well-worn) And as the sun returned to face the day (all but a blur) Their eyes would meet their hands entwine – what will be – once was (they were)


Tomorrow comes when the sun gives in to the moon and warrants your forgiveness as the darkness comes too soon Your presence means the world – your smile envied so and enlightens what once was void the essence of forego The sacrifice of warmth returned and thoughtfulness well told and when the sun returns to … Continue reading Tomorrow