She strove to be the best that she could be,

Her foresight led as far as she could see.

She never felt out of depth, too far out to sea,

She never lost her sense of being with me.

Release me to the world as the one I truly am,

Deep in thought, in feeling, all because

I knew who I’d become, what I’d achieve –

If only I would think, feel, hope, believe.

These things today and evermore, they mean the world to me,

More so than in days of yore, I thought.

Youth was immature, precocious, life immortal,

Things later life replaced with Heaven sent.

For sense, common or otherwise, I trust

To hold dearly like a bosom to the bust.

Pray step, if only once, backwards, in reverse.

Then one is surely made to sing an acid verse.

Thought, feeling, common sense, emotion, love

May carry one ever closer, peace to dove.

For trying to encounter, assess the world

May only lead one to contradiction, lead to void.

A void in one’s life, as poor as feeling null

And null and void will make one feel devoid.

What does one require to relieve all doubt?

Then, only then, one be enamoured when without.

Speak, pray, love, believe and hope.

Hope, believe, love, pray, speak the joke.

Is laughter truly one’s only reward?

Is happiness the essence of the world?

The world, it be the same as it ever was,

Small to oneself, broader to the whole.

As one moves through life searching for the truth

One finds, then loses, then finds again, that truth.

And truth joins laughter as our real reward,

From a love lost, and found again, can we go forward.

Onward passage, onward ever thus,

Our future lies unknown to all of us.

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