‘Prism – an anthology: a collection of poetry’

Owen is the author of ‘Prism – an anthology’, a collection of modern poetry published November 2016 by Zeus Publications. He contributes to poetry and writing groups near his home by the sea, and writes for https://MyTrendingStories.com.


‘Prism’ is available for purchase at http://www.zeus-publications.com/prism%20-%20an%20anthology.htm as well as most top on-line bookstores.

Any queries

Email: owen.auf@gmail.com
Email: marketing@zeus-publications.com OR
Phone: 07 5575 5141

Owen’s first offering of poetry is based on thoughts and feelings that range from the heartfelt to the political, from the whimsical to the philosophical and will serve as a companion to lovers of poetry and the written word.

Owen was born and raised in Sydney and lives on the Gold Coast, where the sun’s always over the yardarm.


‘Prism’ is ON SALE NOW!

AUSTRALIAN PURCHASERSGo to http://www.zeus-publications.com/prism%20-%20an%20anthology.htm 

OVERSEAS PURCHASERS: Go to Amazon.com and search ‘Books – Prism an anthology’

or follow this link:-


INDIAN PURCHASERS: Go to http://www.amazon.in/Prism-Anthology-Owen-Tilley/dp/0994627130/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1478584135&sr=8-1&keywords=prism+owen+tilley


Owen is a:- 

Contributor to: MyTrendingStories.com (see https://mytrendingstories.com)

Contributor to: Poetry in Paradise, on the Gold Coast (see http://joansmallpoetryandbooks.com/poetry_in_paradise.html)

Contributor to Helensvale Writer’s Group (see https://writersfromgoldcoast.com/)

and other exciting adventures…


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