About the Author

A self-taught poet with a degree in psychology and a passion for the romantic, Owen started this blog in 2016 when WordPress taught him a thing or two about blog-creation.

With his head in the sky and his wings in the air, Owen spends his spare time at the football (AFL in Australia) Go Pies! – and valuable hours with family and friends. Otherwise he’ll have pen in hand and notebook at the ready for those insightful snippets that dream up a poem.

He contributes to Cosmofunnel where you’ll find a guided universe of poetry and art.



NB: *Unless specifically stated, all written works on this blog by Owen Tilley are the copyright © of the author of this blog, and must not be used for publication for profit without permission. 

If you have a website or blog yourself and wish to use my written work, please ensure you give me credit as the author and create a link back to this blog.  Please also feel free to reblog or use any share options for these posts.

More work of this author can be found at Cosmofunnel

*Tom’s Diner lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc (Songwriters: Suzanne Vega)

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