Her sense of solitude

was lost in sunshine’s spring

happiness was humming

with the fun that children bring

In a moment far from anywhere

she jumped into his arms

the tree, so far from where you are

unknown, she sees the calm

That he and her bring to she

cherubic smile of red

caught in her sense of only-ness

before a turn of bed

Quiet in her own surrounds

happy as the flame tree can

the blessing brings a child

made of girl and made of man

She reaches high up to the sky

the branch she’ll almost touch

raised on the farm by stronger arms

that teach her to fight

For what is right, so hard to find

amongst the cloud of day

‘hush’; she says; ‘leave me alone

to walk, to find my way.’


Dance the dance that gives a chance

To come again before the end

Build the build that holds a choice

To feel, to fawn, via the voice

That speaks to you and speaks to me

As I look through glazed window to the sea

That trickles in reflected moon

A place I’ll tend to very soon

Before the store can empty, new

Be one of them, the very few

That sort out disorganised array

And drift so far, a world away

Before they stop and turn and come again

To touch, to tremble, now and then

‘Cos every heart beats faster still

When faced with someone that until

Just recently they never thought

The one true thing that they had sought

Would hold their hand in life’s romance

And walk the walk

And dance the dance.

The Cotton Dress

He slunked down to the ground

He saw a shadow, not his own

“Where have you been?”

She asked him with surprise.


“I’ve been here getting shade

From the baking morning sun.”

The park was empty

But for their huon cries.


“You left me,” she said, scolding him.

“You wanted time alone. Besides,

I wasn’t meant to be there

But by chance.”


“I’m not allowed up to your bedroom –

Remember what happened once before.

It was half past midday,

When she ended our romance…”


“But you left me,” she said a second time,

Forgetting what she really meant to say

Her sleeveless cotton dress

Was on her mind.


She flicked her brown hair past her shoulder

And tilting her head to one side

Her strap fell to her upper arm,



He moved ever closer

Sitting on the grass under the tree

His eyes no longer shaded

In the sun


Had he ever stopped believing?

Was his mind attuned to hers?

Did he think she was, of all the girls,

The one?


The noonday sun was getting stronger

Than the morning ever had

They came to share the romance of a kiss


Not since first date memories

Parking by the lakeside in the night

Had he felt something, anything, like this.


May the cotton-dressed brunette

With hair waving in the breeze

Desirous, yearning, wanting him some more


Walk with him from the park

Their eyes set on the light, left on inside

Her apartment, near the pillow

By the window, past the door


He put his finger to his mouth

And told her so quietly to ‘shush’

They spoke a language known only

Ever, unto them.


They spoke a language, reminiscent

Of the first date they’d ever had

They were a blooming flower

Lightly watered, from the stem.


I walked the road you walked

I ran the path you ran

I strolled the boulevard you knew too

I chased you down our avenue


My hand, my arm, outstretched

You, beyond its reach

I sensed a feeling, forgotten, lost

I felt a pain you had embossed


When I could run, I’d run so fast

My haste, like youth, ne’er could last

When I could touch your mouth, you came

You whispered, so that I alone could hear your name


My sweet angel, hold me, embrace kismet, please

I’m destined to mistrust the ease

With which you turn, and walk away

Bringing dark night sky to the sunshine’s day


An earlier version of this first published on https://mytrendingstories.com

Best friend

Fallen from the table

Devoured in an instant

Opportune, she lives for here and now

Like smile on an infant


Found amongst the grass

Eaten – pure instinct

The lips, the sense of smell inspect

What to us is non-existent


She lives her life from down below

We live ours from up above

Man’s best friend protects us from

Dangers we’re unaware of


Listen – to us, the sound is silence

See what to us is blind

Sense what we can only dream

Awake to love of all mankind


Inspired by my choc lab, Kahlua, pictured as a puppy here.

The gift card

The gift card said not what I meant –

Hard to emphasize

A child born this day in Lent –

Parents’ newborn alibi


What’s lost is handed back to he

Despair replaced with what amazes

Life events served up unknowingly

In many unknown places


What’s yet to come –

What’s been and gone –

What has one to look forward to?

What happened to that well-known smile?

Lost between the mazes


Come join us – bestow joy upon

A place of brevity, in essence

A place resolved to virtue

With he within her presence


I’ve seen illusion pass me by –

I’ve seen it gather dust

In times of yore, another world

Controlled what now, upon us,

Has been thrust


Yet have we seen the best of it?

In present time we travel

To see what lay before our eye

If not – untie, unstitch, unravel


Untangle me and shy away

To a place of enhanced thought

And build upon philosophy

Articulating what one ought to


In articulation, cry aloud;

‘Behold the joy of life –

Forget despair, illusion, brevity –

Bring child in, to a day,

Otherwise contrite


For to affect the life of one

Espouses trust in all

A life unchanged is a life untouched

Ne’er to run, e’er, always, to crawl


Ask is it the joy of many?

At what is our time better spent?

Parents share a newborn alibi –

Their child, born in Lent.


first published on https://mytrendingstories.com

Poem – The Ides of May.

The letters, jumbled, words mis-spelt

Letter-head looked wrong

Exchange for others – rightly so,

Like words within a song


Shoulder set, scarring scene

Scarring arm of man

Face reflected, water’s edge

Makes up part of plan


Fresh is the air awaiting me

I feel, I breathe, the air, anew

Words are spelt, correct-ing-ly

Turning page comes into view


Thank God! To be free of care

Afar away, the Ides of May –

Arriving here, I leave fear

Back in yesterday


Back then, concern and troubled times

Circled me all day

‘Round the sphere of influence

They circumnavigate


A faction, out of favour

Efforts, crowded, like a clique

People vote the other way

Searching – they probe and seek


The page, it comes to life

Yet hidden behind painted veil

Feel-good-factor, warmth of glow

Satisfaction – never fail


Gifted, is the velvet touch

Upon the hand I hold

A life beyond what I had known

A life I’m yet to mould


Walk with me in summer’s sun

Stand beside,

Fill glass to brim


You redeem my chance to thrive

On path with you, through life,

I’m him


He who beholds your every move

One foot, two, then three and more

Hair flows, ordained, without decor

The book of love,

I’ve kept, in store.


I saw a star, a sparkle, glint

I opened the book of love –

I’m in’t.


Death slept peacefully all night through

Sky turned black, then to morning hue

Sunrise awakened Death from slumber

Moving close, embracing you


You were the one for whom I felt affection

But Death became a silent kiss

Love, Repentance also seen

Life losing you, now amiss


To win Life back, Sacrifice be found

Grace in support, Abundance lost

Standing distant, on the mound

Care, Compassion, now embossed


Health had turned, gone for good

Gates, heaven-sent, awaited you

Life’s friends assisted, but tall Death stood

You were my passion… – feeling blue.

Poem – ever-rising…

The cicadas, crickets, break the quiet

Along the beach-head, dalliance sown.

I look up at the rocky outcrop, by the beach –

Metropolis, beyond, nature’s own.


The stillness of the night rings true

At dawn, before movement of day.

Holding warm hand, eyes look through,

Hoping against hope to stray, away.


I sit and think and feel and breathe,

Nature over-takes the busy stream –

The rustle of the leaves that fall

Greets cicadas and the breeze.


The wind, the breeze, brings nature’s own,

The bird from window sill follows land –

Hand still warm, we walk along,

Barefoot in the gracious sand.


The sand disappears as high tide comes

A sign of other world, passing by –

The roadway far away, yet close to home –

Overhead is noise of those that fly.


How long can nature, sand, cicada, bird

Protect me from what day must bring?

Will eyes and hands of warmth defeat

What awaits me? Prey, to God, I sing.


A song of sweet, melodic tone –

Angels look down, protect me from

Goodness, last in line to prey –

Confess sins, the soulless, they belong.


The streets now full of who knows what,

Anonymity a strain.

Holding hand, I walk, one step, more,

Anonymity a drain.


Sand is wet, water rushes feet –

Cool breeze, yet warm in little worn –

Feeling shoulder, bare, arm wrapped around –

A smile greeted by another, born.


One wonders if she’ll follow me

Or walk beside, this fateful day –

Distance ignorant of others, near,

Our world dissolves, noise betrays.


Concrete near yet far away

Buildings reach to sky as cold light shines.

Furrowed brow on those with tie,

Lapping water, at feet, mine.


Mine and those of lover, she,

Be greater than world where we reside.

My heart will not be still this day,

Be it low or ever-rising tide.

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