She tells a joke –

I laugh aloud

She shouts obscenely –

I agree

She wanders over to

The other side –

I laugh, aloud,

At me

Caught in life’s maze –

A puzzle solved

Caught in the rip

Within the sea

I raise my hand

For help to come

Life yet lived –

My final plea

Her shadow follows –

Windswept hair flows

Too cold, too callous

To save a thing like


Yet, to win one must

At first, to lose –

Pleasure craved at mortal cost

Of her, of she

The hall of darkness

He walked the hall of darkness

Toward where the light had shone

But the headlamp of the coming train –

Was on


He strolled with tunnel vision

His eyes deceived by rain

It was only a short shower –

Umbrella’s sweet refrain


He dawdled down the road less travelled

He heard thunder – more like hail

His hearing was imperfect –

He was frail


He crawled upon the avenue

To the parkland – hear the band

His sight showed him perfection

Then he ran


For he could not face perfection

Even excellence could be

Pristine in the valley –

Unspoiled in the sea


And he could not bear consider merit

It did not sit well with him –

Though hard-fought, his achievements (such as they were)

Had been


But those were for others to judge

When they had the time

In the tunnel, in the parkland,

In the valley, in the rain,

The light, once bright, like sunshine –

Whence it came.



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My garden’s seed

A smile’s what you see in summer

When the sunshine stays awhile

Happiness follows suit –

Dressed to impress, in fashion’s latest style

Where is undue wariness?

Where have despair and illness gone?

Could they not stand the heat that day –

The day that sunshine shone?

I’ve been down in the valley

Where despair and illness stay –

I’ve been atop the hill when it became a mountain –

And in the harbour and the bay

The trickling water fountain

And the stars dancing in my bay –

The grassy knoll atop the mountain –

Yes, the sun followed me that day

When Faith, Belief, Trust and Hope

Tracked the sun down from behind

Impatiently waiting to share their thoughts

With others of like-mind

But despair asked me; ‘Why be grateful?’

‘Why move your mouth toward a smile’s stance?

Why not be sorrowful and mourn your life (and others)

Rather than take sunshine’s hand and dance?’

I replied; ‘I have no way of knowing

Where the train of negativity would lead –

The smile that I see in summer

Is my garden’s seed.’


There was a pang of enmity

That wouldn’t let alone

There was a trace of regret

Of that, I wish there none


There’d been a flash of fortitude

Inscribed upon the sun

Regret did not like the heat

Hedonism won


Nearby I’d seen humility

Speaking with the sun

A pang of enmity, quite lost

A wrench, he would become


If I had to choose, a choice in me

Would set me forth, would open me

Love be over enmity

It’s written in the sun.

Nothing, nil, nought

The air seemed thin, cut with a knife
The night sky much the same
Like a London winter closing in on frozen
Like icicles on a lake

She reached out to touch that sky
But all she could feel was war
Nothing else to reach for
Nothing worth fighting for

That night told her nothing
Aware of no-one, nil and nought
No phone-call, letter or door-bell ring
While young ones sacrificed and fought.

The war reigned on, her young one quiet
She could envision distant fear
A cherished remembrance on a darkened night
Whispering sweet nothings in her ear

Was it his voice that she could hear?
Love’s murmur on a frozen night
A breathless recollection
As she turned out the light.


Death slept peacefully all night through

Sky turned black, then to morning hue

Sunrise awakened Death from slumber

Moving close, embracing you


You were the one for whom I felt affection

But Death became a silent kiss

Love, Repentance also seen

Life losing you, now amiss


To win Life back, Sacrifice be found

Grace in support, Abundance lost

Standing distant, on the mound

Care, Compassion, now embossed


Health had turned, gone for good

Gates, heaven-sent, awaited you

Life’s friends assisted, but tall Death stood

You were my passion… – feeling blue.

on the road

I stood upon the road

Paved in bitumen and stone.

I felt nobody loved me

As I stood there all alone.

I stood upon the road

That diverted east and west.

Some moved one way, some the other,

No-one knew which way was best.

I stood upon the road

On which there’d been a recent crash.

I’d seen the body taken away

Like they were putting out the trash.

I stood upon the road,

It had grown puddles from the wet.

I’d been protected, no-one knows how.

Was He my protective net?

I stood upon the road –

Somebody loved me after all.

Had I ever stood on that road,

Or was I entranced, enthralled?

I stood upon the road –

No-one saw me as they passed.

Were they focussed on the fork ahead

Or just going too fast?

I stood upon the road

When someone hit me, I know not who.

Was it Him, or a perfect stranger?

Or was that someone…, you?

black dog

He senses darkness,

Won’t go away,

The black dog no-one sees.

He senses darkness,

Ever present,

The grey cloud, on his knees.

He senses darkness,

With him only,

Talking as he walks.

He senses darkness,

The black dog barks,

In the road there is a fork.

He senses darkness,

It frustrates him,

No matter which turn he takes.

He senses darkness,

It’s driving him,

The traffic, it awakes.

He senses darkness,

It’s telling him,

It’s time to make a choice.

He senses darkness,

It’s willing him,

But with that there’s a voice.

The voice, it tells him,

“Away the lead,”

Let black dog roam free.

He senses light,


As he lets black dog

Off the lead.

He senses light,


He turns…,

And there…

Is me.

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