Whenever a sparrow flies into a swan

  If anyone ever
can be what they weren’t
and cry for another
with reciprocal yearning
Then one and the other
make two now and ever
and bloom in the spring-time
a flower that’s better
With her and him
in a garden of colour
they sprout from the soil
like a father and mother
Building familial spoils
whilst lying together
they move cloud away
from the always and ever
They love and they bundle
and smile and gather
in a semblance of now
that binds two together
And whenever a sparrow
flies into a swan
they know what wasn’t known
will surely be gone
And for whom the bell rings
(it rings only for thee)
conjoined at the heart –
adulation will see
And when the bell stops
it sends signals awry
and the angels from heaven –
they let out a sigh
Yet in the end
a smile is seen in its stead
and the cattle (now starving)
soon will be fed
And the window and willow
are subtlety gleaned
as they run out of their skin
and by day’s end they come clean
And wash
and arrange
and fold away new –
For if anyone ever
can be what they weren’t
they will cry for another –
that other is you.

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