Camellia II

He strolled down from the office                                                                     
On a day of mixed emotions                                          
Walking under raindrops                                                
He made a dash for undercover                                               
He saw a bookshop open                                                           
It was busy with perusers                                               
So he walked in to observe                                            
What the fuss was all about                                           
There was a review taking place                                   
And the writer there was reading                                
With somewhat of a fanfare                                          
From their recent publication                                       
He glanced around the room                                        
It was filled with perfect strangers                               
He glanced around again                                                
And one girl caught his eye                                            
She was wearing leopard spotty happy shoes          
And black skin-tight yoga pants                                                
And a silky beige shirt                                                      
Hanging out over her hips                                              
Her hair was black and drooping                                 
Resting halfway down her back                                    
The nape of her slender neck                                        
As supple as a baby                                                          
When she walked her shirt slipped open                   
It was taut around her body                                                                              
Lifting higher to reveal                                                    
Her belly’s diamond stud                                                
He felt his body changing                                               
As he watched her from a distance                             
He was struggling - short of breath                             
Yet so aware his life was moving                                  
Welcomed to a world beyond his own                                   
She’d awakened sleeping spirits                                   
Like a teaser from a movie                                                                                 
He had found his camellia                                              
Blooming sweetly in the Spring

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