Passing by

I was waiting for that something
So special over yonder
To walk up to me and greet me
I don’t know what I was thinking

Would everything just come to me
And lay there with such ease
That I needn’t lift a finger
To build a life all of my own.

As I sat there in the morning
Looking up to see the people
Walking down the Main Street
To wherever they were going

I thought; should I join them
And become Main Street too
Or do as I had planned
And tune out of every-day.

I saw a man walking quickly
Wearing suit and braided tie
Looking focussed walking freely
As if late for an appointment

And I thought; is that what I want
To be controlled by time
And have no chance to be satisfied
Or dance and show free will.

There’s a place way up north
In the tropics there’s a forest
Where the forest meets the reef
It’s like reaching the horizon.

But could I live that life for good
Or would I be exposed
To sensing my exposure
To my need to make a dime.

I awoke from my day-dreaming
The clock-tower’s showing mid-day
As the people whisk away
In time to grab some lunch.

What a bunch they were –
The colours of the rainbow
I walked to the street corner
One of many passing by.

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