Castles in the sand

I often chance what life may be

If allowed to thrive

And wander far away from home

So I may feel alive

I often think of sorrow past

Will it return again

And wallow in self-pity

Like a cage of utter pain

I often feel a sense of loss

But then true love is found

All I want is within me

And yet I fall to ground

And then I sense a feeling

Never felt before

Realising love may come and go

And knowing what’s in store

Maintained is a semblance

Of umbrella in the moon

That builds a sure surrounding

By twilight’s afternoon

And when I gaze I also gasp

At what has been and gone

I understand that afternoon

Was when the sun had shone

And left an implication

Of belief in summer’s bloom –

Belief one’s own surrounding

Had left a deeper hue

But what of indecision

Like days that won’t concede

Like food that’s hard to come by –

Like sustenance we need

I must decide to follow

Or lead another band

I must decide to wallow

Or build castles in the sand

Those castles built will wait until

A visitor invites

A welcomed mood – a solemn brood

The wind welcomes the kites

And although all a-flutter

Those castles in the sand

Firm up feelings sure to pass

To never-never-land.

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