By the highway near the ocean

I was walking on the pathway
by the highway near the ocean
when I saw a tidy park-bench
so I thought I’d take a break

As I sat there on the park-bench
near the ocean by the highway
I saw the shaded profile 
of a woman closing in

Her hair was flowing freely – 
over the tip of her left shoulder - 
her face was like the solitude 
of beauty and its beau

She walked with grace and elegance
not seen by me for years
She spoke with softness and sincerity 
that made her seem surreal

My attention now was focused
on her smile (she looked happy)
she grabbed my hand and I stood 
by the girl who so impressed

Years ago it was - when we were 
last together – when we sat
and shared sweet kisses - 
encompassing the night

What brings you here; she asked me
(I was stammering and stuttered)
what to say that would entice her
to stay a while more

Time went by - we started chatting
(no awkward silences between us) 
just remembrances of times past
and thoughts of what the future held

She made me smile (couldn’t help it)
I was controlled by her perception
of a man still holding flowers
for the blooming rose of life

I put my arm around her
as we walked away together
on the pathway by the highway
near the ocean where we’d met.

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