Once was

The misty rain fell through the day and left her smile (torn) The deluge fell but for a time and left her beau (well-worn) And as the sun returned to face the day (all but a blur) Their eyes would meet their hands entwine – what will be – once was (they were)


He travelled far and near with her to ranges and the ‘hood he asked for simple things from life and special things he could They spoke of places they had been and some to which they'd yet to stray they spoke of the milk and honey – yes - they spoke of yesterday Their fingers … Continue reading Inside


As the new became a place of passion and desire – the feather on the finger tip – the embers of the fire The desert’s grass as lush and green as kikuyu in the summer as picturesque perfection grew – white lilies from the mire But ever and for always thus subsumed by new surrounds … Continue reading Anew