the elephant in the room

 The elephant in the room laments
 and memory falls on common sense
 whilst on the window ledge she sits
 thinking back to when she'd flirt and flit
 always present - always there
 she senses tension in the air
 and one diverts from glaring eyes
 a memory lost - a false design
 unease amounts to what may be
 a river running out to sea
 a sunrise abandoned – nay – refined
 normality redefined
 then full moon comes in midst of frost
 lending thoughts of what she lost
 a sparrow's voice heard far away 
 in dark of night - in light of day
 brings blessings stored in heart’s desire
 yet to falter- yet to tire - 
 so lay your thoughts and dream what may
 be in one’s heart come night or day
 and in the end the sun will sing
 love will defeat most anything.

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