Held together – elasticity

Frail – loosens – breaks

Durable – invested care

Broken – stumbles – shakes


Outer wall – extremity

Injured – punctured – hit

Inner sanctum standing tall

Candle – burning – lit


Hand once soft and supple

Hand becomes forlorn

Self – trickster – knowledge – bow

Simple conjures worn


Tired – tattered – sunset – near

Twilight reflects affray

Brittle, batter – needless – matter

Nearer end of days


Quiet into this goodnight

Shout, fight then disabuse

Noise – victory – silence – prayer

Radio on mute


Harpsichord sounds sweetly

Orchestral – in good tune

Trumpet – buzzing – breezy

Haunting – droning mood


Days – long gone, forgotten

Days – ahead, concern

Aggravate – surroundings

Ponder – protest – muse – unlearn


Fortune – future – time to think

Peter – Heaven’s gate

Nicer, kinder, gentler, fairer

Yesterday – too late


Away – beyond – emote – anon

Behold – appear – affect – repeat

Regret – surpass – degustate – fast

Allow – surrender – cease!


Postscript: a poem that deliberately leaves out conjunctions – those special words which connect words or clauses to make a sentence.

NB: The odd conjunction still finds its way in at times.

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