I met her at a cafe she was on a common wall out of many one from behind the counter, standing tall She grew impatient quickly and asked me if I own my home No, I’m renting; I’d retort (what business was it of hers I thought) that’s personal – for me to know and me … Continue reading Choice


Held together – elasticity Frail – loosens – breaks Durable – invested care Broken – stumbles – shakes   Outer wall - extremity Injured - punctured - hit Inner sanctum standing tall Candle - burning - lit   Hand once soft and supple Hand becomes forlorn Self – trickster – knowledge – bow Simple conjures … Continue reading Conjunctivitis


I never knew A harbour grew West of the sea I never thought I’d be caught With thee I’ve been in Other’s oceans But I’m enamoured In your sea May I share Your harbour Here, with thee? ‘Certainly;’ He said to me; ‘Welcome home.’ ‘Let’s stow-away, Together – All alone.’