The children

They would canoodle and swoodle and oodle and boodle and cajole and rumble and fall   They’d get up and they’d play and dance every which way and entice everyone each one and all   They would complain when they’d suffer some pain and bruises and oozes and which   But they’d always get well … Continue reading The children

A scene

 Time raced past midday to afternoon light and saw a glint in the sun on the field in the farm   Smile dropped in - Joy came  to stay and the dog said  will anyone throw a ball  and come play


I met her at a cafe she was on a common wall out of many one from behind the counter, standing tall She grew impatient quickly and asked me if I own my home No, I’m renting; I’d retort (what business was it of hers I thought) that’s personal – for me to know and me … Continue reading Choice


Held together – elasticity Frail – loosens – breaks Durable – invested care Broken – stumbles – shakes   Outer wall - extremity Injured - punctured - hit Inner sanctum standing tall Candle - burning - lit   Hand once soft and supple Hand becomes forlorn Self – trickster – knowledge – bow Simple conjures … Continue reading Conjunctivitis


I never knew A harbour grew West of the sea I never thought I’d be caught With thee I’ve been in Other’s oceans But I’m enamoured In your sea May I share Your harbour Here, with thee? ‘Certainly;’ He said to me; ‘Welcome home.’ ‘Let’s stow-away, Together – All alone.’