The Story of Santa

for the children…

Once upon a time  

there lived a white-bearded man

he stayed at home  

almost all year ‘round

yet as cold turned to freezing

and the villagers stayed in

he could be heard

strolling through the grounds

one year when it was frosty

his wife bought him a jacket

and fluffy boots

so warm and snug and new

he gave his wife a kiss of thanks

and set out to spread good cheer

but it was snowing

and his face was almost blue

he climbed into silted chimneys

and left presents far and wide

to spread happiness

to children who’d been down

Mr. Claus earned a reputation

in his village and beyond

as being someone,

as being something of a Saint

his reputation spread

and so too did his name

the name Santa, Santa Claus,

would earn him fame

Santa repeated his kind gesture

each and every year

and bought a reindeer

he called Rudolph

who would help him on his way

soon, he gave this day a name –

Christmas it was called

and so Christmas,

Merry Christmas, came to stay

Merry Christmas everyone

be happy, spread good cheer

wherever you are

whatever you do

enjoy this time of year

Merry Christmas to the children

be good for Santa Claus

it’s the giving not receiving

that spreads love to you and yours.

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