Her sense of solitude

Her sense of solitude

was lost in sunshine’s spring

happiness was humming

with the fun that children bring

In a moment far from anywhere

she jumped into his arms

the tree, so far from where you are

unknown, she sees the calm

That he and her bring to she

cherubic smile of red

caught in her sense of only-ness

before a turn of bed

Quiet in her own surrounds

happy as the flame tree can

the blessing brings a child

made of girl and made of man

She reaches high up to the sky

the branch she’ll almost touch

raised on the farm by stronger arms

that teach her to fight

For what is right, so hard to find

amongst the cloud of day

‘hush’; she says; ‘leave me alone

to walk, to find my way.’


A smile costs nothing but gives much.

It enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give.

It takes but a moment but the memory of it often lasts forever.

None is so rich or mighty that they can get along without it,

and none is so poor but that they can be made rich by it.

A smile creates happiness in the home,

fosters goodwill in business

and is nature’s best antidote for trouble.

Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen,

for it is something that is of no value to anyone until it is given away.

Some people are too tired to give you a smile.

Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as he who has no more to give.

Abridged version

(Author Unknown)

the path less travelled…

He rose above the helpless throng
He was only one among a crowd
He heard a calling, 'twas a song
Timely, he could not disregard

You've come to me for rationale
You've come to me for saviour
No-one else can take the stand
You've come to me, the one you favour

The steps on which we stagger
From one level to the next
Like climbing up the corporate ladder
Feeling e'er, between, betwixt

The next step up he could not see
The frond led him to the money tree
Ladder of wealth, mendacity
The pathway opened unto me

Who and what and where we were
Why and how we hit upon
Invited, I failed to confer
I took the path less travelled on


Night-time wouldn’t show itself

Until Sunshine moved away

Like a road-way that disappears in flood

Like a child who will stray


Night-time hid away God knows where

Like a sock hides in a shoe

Not wanting to come out and play

Like when I played hide and seek with you


The pages turned as Sunshine faded

Sunset became the star

New chapter aglow, best time of day

People came from near and far


To hear and see the sweetness, cheer

Sunset brought to all

Listening for the climax

That would entice, enthrall


Sunset’s colours made the day

Surely to behold

Night-time felt alone, left out

Dark, upset, anxious, lonely, old.


I felt relieved I was no longer

On the freeway. Happy, too, that I’d left

Traffic lights behind.

In two hours I’d gone from a gold coast

To adventure. The sunshine was my GPS –

I’d peeled away life’s rind.


‘We love our kids, we love our town, please slow down’

Read the sign. And why not? Why would one

Speed or race?


“Merry Christmas,” June said to Diane, walking by –

No ‘happy holidays’ in this small but vibrant town.

“To you and yours,” Diane replied, her smile growing

With good cheer.

“See you at the Markets,” as she shared

Her happy face.


The children played in the park – their parents

Watching on. Oh, the joy that supervision gave

When not designed for safety’s sake alone.


As children slipped down the slope, swung on the swing

And enjoyed the honest fun of everything,

Not one could be seen texting, talking,

On the phone.


And as the clock hit ten am, the doors of the local

Were heard to be unlocked, and patrons wished the best of times

To those they’d come to know so well –

For whom they’re better half had given

Christmas prawns without the shell


And for whom they’d shout across the bar;

“Hey, Paul, can you shout out a cheer

For a thirsty traveller off the road

Who needs a full-strength beer.”


The sky cried everywhere but here –

The sun rose and shone and rose again

A smile returned by those who knew tomorrow’s sky was blue.

A home away from home – I did much more than travel through.

Best friend

Fallen from the table

Devoured in an instant

Opportune, she lives for here and now

Like smile on an infant


Found amongst the grass

Eaten – pure instinct

The lips, the sense of smell inspect

What to us is non-existent


She lives her life from down below

We live ours from up above

Man’s best friend protects us from

Dangers we’re unaware of


Listen – to us, the sound is silence

See what to us is blind

Sense what we can only dream

Awake to love of all mankind


Inspired by my choc lab, Kahlua, pictured as a puppy here.

Poem – My bird

The bird seemed to follow my roving eye
As he walked beyond where I lie
He seemed to know, with eye I spy - 
Sitting there that day.

He never seemed to have a care
No matter for how long I stared
Or how controlling was my glare
He was there, it seemed, to stay

He gave out a little chirp
Like page from a book, like an excerpt
Like a song performed at a concert
He flapped from chair to chair

He was regal in nature, and replete
He'd had a little bit to eat
He walked with ease, with those clawed feet
As I got the camera out

I realised the camera was obsolete
My phone would do better, would always beat
The phone's quality, the camera couldn't meet
Of that I had no doubt

The bird stood atop the chair, to reflect
I told him; 'stay there, don't neglect'
Attention sent, ne'er deflect
To bird sitting on the floor

The bird, he turned, to his right
Knowing the bird on the floor was within sight
He waved his wings, as if in flight
Before he moved away

Yet how was I to know he was a 'he'
He could as well have been a 'she'
So long as it was either 'he' or 'she'
'He' must be one or be the other 

Is this a poem or a diatribe?
For until now I've not described
What he (or she [or it]) looks like
And how it came to be...

I happened to be sitting in the rain
Under cover, (heat was hot), the day the same
Noiselessly the day begane
And then continued on...

As bird arrived, with clawed feet
'Hello', it seemed to say, 'we meet,'
Though nothing was said when we greet
We merely doffed our 'hats'

Black and white, with long neck
His eyes, no matter - oh, what the heck!
I still don't know, not now, not yet
Perhaps I never will

But somehow this bird seemed a friend
The way he'd look and turn his head
It's hard explaining, even when
I knew he wouldn't stay

He looked at me, right in the eye
Turned his head from left to right
Never went out of my sight
Well, not now at least, 
Not yet

Looking me right in the eye
Makes me wonder; 'Heavens, why?'
I didn't push, I didn't pry
To find the colour of his eyes
That day when we met

No matter whether rain or shine
With me laying, sitting, there, he's fine
Never once did he whinge or whine
We talked 'bout little things

'Bout the simple things in life
Weather, health, things of that type
Simple things bring pleasure, like
Bring happiness and fun

He's my bird, I hope you see
Black and white, he sat with me
Not away on some pine tree
But close to where I lay

My bird finally flew away
I said; 'bird, I'll see you another day
Even if I'm far away - 
I'll know just where you are.'

I returned and saw you 'round the bend
Beaked, clawed, winged, my feathered friend
We greeted, like only we 
Could comprehend - Our story - 

Close the book...

The end.

The Wind

Listen to the Wind, it tells a story

Pain brings Suffering, invites Loss

A story of road-way under water

Homes misplaced, Pain embossed


Listen to the Wind, it tells a story

Rain brings Flood in times of Drought

Extremities of sunburnt land

Time thine enemy, Time brings Doubt


Listen to the Wind, it tells a story

Cars on road become boats on stream

Arm reaches out for things heartfelt

Material things left, worth unseen


Listen to the Wind, it tells a story

Communion at hand in times of toil

Strangers, together, salt of the earth

A weathered earth, salt of the soil


Listen to the Wind, it tells a story

Silent whisper waiting gust to come

Like the calm before the storm

Like the sun before tsunami’s thunder


I share extremes of drought and storm

Tragedy cares not for whom it choose

One day I’ll be fighting Flood or Fire

Next, tragic intimacy, shared with you.


Be there no time for absolution

No time left to halt and savour

Plentiful spirit, communal sort

‘Tis the spirit of your neighbour.


Death slept peacefully all night through

Sky turned black, then to morning hue

Sunrise awakened Death from slumber

Moving close, embracing you


You were the one for whom I felt affection

But Death became a silent kiss

Love, Repentance also seen

Life losing you, now amiss


To win Life back, Sacrifice be found

Grace in support, Abundance lost

Standing distant, on the mound

Care, Compassion, now embossed


Health had turned, gone for good

Gates, heaven-sent, awaited you

Life’s friends assisted, but tall Death stood

You were my passion… – feeling blue.