I sat upon the creviced stone

I sat upon the creviced stone

And looked toward the sky

And wondered what the future held

And where – and what – and why

Where would I land in five years time

And what would get me there

Why was I who I had become

A man for whom I care

For to love oneself is to forgive –

Leave regret behind completely

And walk the line before divine

And walk it so discreetly

That the wind on days of bluster brave

Sends whispers (curse the shouting)

That end in breeze by water’s edge

Like spring from winter – sprouting

Upon the creviced stone is sight

Like mountain (emanating)

From the valley near the erstwhile shore

Reaching out to fascinating

I feel – and then I turn into

A prism – life is glowing

From the river to the sea (sincere) –

My world – now overflowing

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