black dog

He senses darkness,

Won’t go away,

The black dog no-one sees.

He senses darkness,

Ever present,

The grey cloud, on his knees.

He senses darkness,

With him only,

Talking as he walks.

He senses darkness,

The black dog barks,

In the road there is a fork.

He senses darkness,

It frustrates him,

No matter which turn he takes.

He senses darkness,

It’s driving him,

The traffic, it awakes.

He senses darkness,

It’s telling him,

It’s time to make a choice.

He senses darkness,

It’s willing him,

But with that there’s a voice.

The voice, it tells him,

“Away the lead,”

Let black dog roam free.

He senses light,


As he lets black dog

Off the lead.

He senses light,


He turns…,

And there…

Is me.

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