I walk beyond the fatal shore

to see what gaze can bring

and dance like a disciple

rescued by the leader’s ring

will he answer all my prayers

and welcome me to home

and be the man I always hoped

would save me from alone

the wind howls in the morning mist

and hollers strident dreams

when I walk past that fatal shore

nothing is as it seems

the distant cry from moonlit sky

the sudden chance that storm

would tolerate another cause

and keep so many warm

I hear it in horizons –

yet to see what can become

like a photographic still shot

abandoned by the sun

as I walk by it feels so shy

yet heats toward the core

sensing a shimmer out at sea

I’ll never want for more

and if my treasured trove is found

I’ll welcome others in

vow to remain a measured strain

absolved of all my sins.

Poem – the pages turn

Comprehension, the mind delays

Thoughtfulness, the mind betrays

Consideration, never sent

Reciprocation, never lent


Affectation, feelings advise

At first sight, the heart does yearn

Remorsefulness, life confirms

Live for today, the pages turn


Ask not what others take for granted

Believe not what others think is real

Know only what one understands

Understand what one can touch, can feel.

Poem – Oliver

Oliver strolled to the highest mountain
To seek out a magical sight.
It was a mountain greener than the greenest of pastures,
It spoke of goodness and light.

From the mountain-top Oliver saw the cliffs,
Far to the west they stood.
On top a four-leafed clover found
By the wee man wearing a hood.

A clover was lucky, four-leaves to be sure,
So rare that to seek and to find
Would give good luck for time immemorially,
Attached to the finder and to his kind.

A wee little leprechaun has special powers to search
For what others find barely at all.
Faith, hope and love, a three-leaf clover can give
But the fourth leaf keeps one enthralled.

Oliver the shoemaker can hide the clover away
In his shoe, and there it will stay
Until others attach themselves to the little green man
And they try to take it away.

Then the others ask after the leprechaun’s gold,
Pots of it they think he does have.
“You’ll never take it away,” the little man says.
At the end of the rainbow it’s safe.

But the wee little man could not hide the truth,
A lie he never could tell.
So he moved his pot of gold from the end of the rainbow
Down to the water well.

The Jester had listened, intently he’d heard
All that had come from the ‘crowd.’
He had nothing to add other than harmony, verse
And with that he sang this out loud;

“Roll over, roll over, that four-leaf clover
Become the leprechaun’s friend
Roll over, roll over that four-leaf clover
Can’t wait to see Oli’ again.”

stand and deliver

Ask not what others can do for you

But what you can do for others

Be afraid of calm nonchalance

Be it from sisters or from brothers


Liberate from behind the veil

Abide by me, your soulful friendship

Ever welcome, desirous, cherished

In times material, narcissistic


Never one to fold the page of challenge

Or walk from discernment either

One may turn away if one desires

Or stay the course, stand, and then…,



the prophet

A leader to be followed,
A man to judge the dead
He stands on the pulpit preaching
‘The Kingdom of Heaven is near,’ he said.

A movement, small to start,
Followers, chosen, whence did come,
A story to develop,
Apostles, on his death, they doth become.

To him not all stay loyal,
A disciple, mendacious, will betray.
He preaches great things, in abundance be,
Such as ‘feed the people,’ come what may.

He gives a fish, man prospers,
Enough for one, enough for all.
He walks on water, others follow,
Enticed, enriched, enthralled.

The prophet, from death he does return,
His soul arises from this earth.
Meagre mortals prey, have mercy be,
Those once blind, now they can see.

the Spartan child

Protect the Spartan child on the mount

Bring him down the mount and back to health

Defend the warrior, enveloped in battle

Covertly, surreptitiously, by stealth


Be Provedore to the unprotected

Without they do not go nor suffer yet

Support the weak, coerced, from shame, deflected

Allow those outside, known, within to come


Destine the poor to rise again

Challenge, be it feted, to their station

To those less fortune, a lender be

From those less fortune, a debt repay


Challenge the strong, brave to be

The weak have mercy, ever thus

Open oneself to the child within

Altruism lends itself in times like these


Be not the one who turns away

Who turns his back to others left

Be not the one who shies, defrays

When the challenge rises, prey, be deft.


Peas and carrots

Peas, pod,

Carrots, bowl,

Sliced, boiled, life


Bread, toaster,

Toasted, plate,

Butter spread by knife


Water, kettle,

Boiled, mug,

Sugar. Milk or cream?


Coffee, tea

Decaf, black

Earl grey, breakfast, green


Never before

Forgot, remind

Twenty-four seven, time


Bomb, detonate,

Self-harm. Relate?

TV, Facebook. Mine


Broadcast, air

Surprise, unfair

Comprehend. Believe


Black, white,

Shades of gray,

Nothing’s certain. Grieve.


the reason why

The plant that will not flower,

The sun that will not shine,

The water that one cannot drink,

Grapes dying on the vine.

The beach where waves won’t wash up to shore,

The sand that won’t be soft on feet,

The people that will not say; “hi,”

The hand that will not greet.

The recipe that won’t succeed,

The dinner guest that won’t partake,

The pan that’s useless on the stove,

The chef that will not bake.

The worker that will never work

The grass that will not grow

The walker who won’t find his feet

Will never reap what he won’t sew.

The arm that will not reach out,

The eye that will not cry,

The mouth that will not find a voice,

The fight to find the reason why?

on the road

I stood upon the road

Paved in bitumen and stone.

I felt nobody loved me

As I stood there all alone.

I stood upon the road

That diverted east and west.

Some moved one way, some the other,

No-one knew which way was best.

I stood upon the road

On which there’d been a recent crash.

I’d seen the body taken away

Like they were putting out the trash.

I stood upon the road,

It had grown puddles from the wet.

I’d been protected, no-one knows how.

Was He my protective net?

I stood upon the road –

Somebody loved me after all.

Had I ever stood on that road,

Or was I entranced, enthralled?

I stood upon the road –

No-one saw me as they passed.

Were they focussed on the fork ahead

Or just going too fast?

I stood upon the road

When someone hit me, I know not who.

Was it Him, or a perfect stranger?

Or was that someone…, you?

black dog

He senses darkness,

Won’t go away,

The black dog no-one sees.

He senses darkness,

Ever present,

The grey cloud, on his knees.

He senses darkness,

With him only,

Talking as he walks.

He senses darkness,

The black dog barks,

In the road there is a fork.

He senses darkness,

It frustrates him,

No matter which turn he takes.

He senses darkness,

It’s driving him,

The traffic, it awakes.

He senses darkness,

It’s telling him,

It’s time to make a choice.

He senses darkness,

It’s willing him,

But with that there’s a voice.

The voice, it tells him,

“Away the lead,”

Let black dog roam free.

He senses light,


As he lets black dog

Off the lead.

He senses light,


He turns…,

And there…

Is me.

For those suffering from depression and living in Australia, the following are good places to find support groups that can help:-

http://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au, OR