You left

I’m lost – you left me – 
why did you pass me by
I need your leadership
your love – your sense that
yes, it’s worth a try

Like a tree – standing taller
you lift my sense of being
why did you go
I need you so
you are my fallen beam

A captain for a few years
but a soldier many more
and devoted to a family
at times seen as a chore

Yet your children become leaders
your wife of three score and ten – the sky
go – she is a-waiting
as I shed tears you rise and fly

Vale George H W Bush

out of many

Because one said so

is it true

who else says it’s so –

do you


because one warrants

you agreed

who else will agree

with thee


because one stands tall

do you stand too

does anyone else stand tall

with you


out of many, one –

(e pluribus unum) –

thirteen letters

scattered some


emblazoned seal

in eagle’s beak

diversified –

it’s you one seeks

to be one day


though many tried –


it’s you the one

most deified.

The Sepulchre

The sepulchre of the sentiment

That stands beside the Seine

The green seeds of the linden tree

That captivate your name


Away, be gone, that sentiment

In place, another, quite unknown

A surreptitious sentiment

One rushes to disown


You have no place standing there

Where Charlie reigned supreme

There’s no welcome mat at my door

So stay away from me


My river greets those of like-mind

With a smile and a cry

For granted, take not what we have

To you, a lullaby


The sepulchre of the sentiment

Reminds, of those who won’t grow old

That surreptitious sentiment

Be gone – protect the fold



Postscript: In memory of all those innocent civilians who have died in terrorist acts of violence

The clarion call

The river rows the oarsman

Like the mountain moves the climb

The sunrise heats the day

Like the lectern stands and cries;


I stand before you all, beholden

To convey, what promised, I doth say

Deliverance be sent ahead of time

And the sunshine rules the waves


The lake lends its ears to listen

And the fountain, trickling, falls

And the distance, prone to what’s been tried

Before twilight heeds the call


Sunset trestles the table

And his reflection keeps them out

And the speaker speaks the way he knows

And the highway lends them doubt


He had no way of knowing

He had no chance to suppose

The resultant shock to all and sundry

As he sensed he’d be deposed


The people moved the mountain

The sunrise and the sea

Delivering a treatise

To those who thought they’d be


Above, beyond, the common call

Safe in harbour, from the sea

A greater being than those with voice

Substantial, by decree


Yet in droves they came from far away

To record their true feel

Would power lend its ear to hear?

Or would the hook, prize fish, by reel?


Or, tone deaf, would power speak to them?

Above, their clarion call

The river, mountain, sunset

Led to the lectern – the voice of all!


Postscript: Inspired by the recent Australian federal election, won on a knife’s edge by the Coalition Government.

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The eyes have it!

A lie is a mistruth

Told purposefully.

A truth is an admission

Of a lie.


A penny for your thoughts –

I’d pay a pound

For the politician’s mic on hustings

To lose sound.


For distortion’s an illusion

That misrepresents –

Extravagantly foolish

People vent


Their anger – Meet Frustration –

Uncertain who you are.

A cavalcade lost in persona –

Ubiquitous, are you a star


Who will raise his hand and say;

‘It’s me, I’m here –

The only thing you have to fear

Is fear.’


Oh, take your chance,

Behold! Illusion’s lost

Like the better part of man

Compared to ghost.


Count the pennies and the pounds,

Make truth surpass the lie.

Distort distortion’s ill-respect –

Look me right in the eye!

Poem – Lost

She was here but now she’s lost

A winter breeze turned into frost

A weathered hand, salt of the soil

What did she want to say?


A butterfly, resting on flower

Wings fluttered, quiet hour

I turned away, the colour foiled

Butterfly had flown away


A dog lay, forever, by my side

Recovered from energetic ‘ride’

Shuffled off that mortal coil

This dry and sunburnt day


A veil, in times of old

Worn to wed to whom one sold

Today, ‘veil’ worn for different reason

Never to relate


To whom one sold, life changed, delayed

But one still sold, uncultured, frayed

Not one enough for one of other

More to ‘expiate.’


The ‘veil’ worn, she be lost

To others, but to him, embossed

Hidden, out of sight not out of mind

She was there all day.

3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

A big ‘thank you’ must go to Taruna for encouraging me to participate in this challenge. Go to her site, – a medium of expression. And what a medium for expression it is! Her use of words (and pictures) creates a great synergy for those who appreciate the English language.

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I walk the path.

I walk the solemn pathway all alone

Others care to join me

Engage in careless conversation

As we pass the foreshore, by the sea

More join our walk along the way

As we continue down the road

We talk sweet nothings, ‘hello how are you?’

We pass a frog by lake, or toad

But as they walk the road less travelled

They talk about news of the day

Freedom’s glare is fading from us

Will we confront or turn away?

The pathway comes to its first bend

Some walkers find it hard to counter

A storm following a sunny day

A drought follows storm, brings empty fountain

Questions arise as to the bend

Is it too large a turn to fathom?

Some pursue it, others fail

Turning back, can’t walk the trail

Those left on the path take the turn

The bend being not the journey’s end

Those left on the path, they protect

Their challenge rises, they defend

Safety, security, our foremost thoughts

Freedom pure for our sisters, brothers

Can we have our cake and eat it too?

Or must we have one without the other?

The walkers share thoughts, an expression

‘Freedom under threat,’ they think

Those willing stand to protect

No-one’s bettered freedom yet

Even so some shy away

Their feet, their body, can’t take the heat

They wrestle with what they ought defend

But feel the challenge too high for them to beat

Now few are left to walk the walk

Their voice it need be loud

The few left talking defend and fight

Will the voice of the few be drowned by crowd?

A crowd that will not walk the path

A crowd that will not share the stage

A crowd that takes free thought for granted

Is this the coming of freedom’s age?

Will freedom rise above, beyond?

The call of duty has no roar

Duty comes from heart and mind

Freedom is worth fighting for.


Peas and carrots

Peas, pod,

Carrots, bowl,

Sliced, boiled, life


Bread, toaster,

Toasted, plate,

Butter spread by knife


Water, kettle,

Boiled, mug,

Sugar. Milk or cream?


Coffee, tea

Decaf, black

Earl grey, breakfast, green


Never before

Forgot, remind

Twenty-four seven, time


Bomb, detonate,

Self-harm. Relate?

TV, Facebook. Mine


Broadcast, air

Surprise, unfair

Comprehend. Believe


Black, white,

Shades of gray,

Nothing’s certain. Grieve.


far horizon

Butterfly in shimmering light,

Garden blooming in new season.

Kookaburra, sitting, soulful –

Poignant is the far horizon.

Orchid flowers, life awakens,

The day grows ever longer.

Shadows present,

Sunshine alightens,

Prodigious is her effort, action.

Human in kind,

Love we find

In simple, pleasant things.

Far horizon, ever closer,

Droplets they descend.

Life, we wish to never end,

The day draws near,

We transcend.