Travails with a conscience

It came from far away

And nestled nearer home

All the while beside me

From birth to when I’d grown


My travails with a conscience lay

Still active – I had known

It came from far away –

Perched by my very own


And every time I saw her

She looked peaceful –

Like the sand

Reaching out from yonder

Saying; Come, now –

Hold my hand


Whenever I would touch her

She’d shiver – as if scared

I’d think, again, and wonder

Whether storm-clouds over there


Would rain on the parade

That had gathered, with the band

Yet my travails, with a conscience

Would reach out, and hold my hand

Logged in…or out?

a light-hearted look at the travails of the computer age…



Mixed up


All over where I shoulda been

Logged in now


Password setting

Sight unseen

If only there was understanding

Step back



Answers may be somewhere near

Instructions followed

Log in – late

Love it now

But hate is close

Unless I find the anecdote

Hidden meaning –

Is there one?

Feeling like I’ve just begun

Reboot – try!

It’s getting hard

Update – wait –

Takes time to start

Face up to facts

Ignore – it’s bliss

Understand and synchronize

Programs made for benefit

Updated here before my eyes

Download – save – enlarge to view

A photo taken

Me and you

Smile – oh so au natural

Print and frame

It’s background? Blue


Continue on

My mind – a haze

Too late to think

Move away

Log out – thank God

Find wet bar

I need a drink!

From inside now

Comparing who

And what I’ve been

To the pair we will

Become – as part


Of a new belief

With new beginnings

That tells me

Sunshine’s here to stay –

The darkest cloud

(a world away)


The scent I smell –

The freshest bloom

Seasons sprout –

And lover s’ groomed


Harvest from

The greenest field

Success is yearned

And feelings yield


A new horizon

Nearer home

The reason why

I build, I grow


Into a violet –

Scented sweet

Without my dear

Less than complete


Oh, my God –

Pray, tell me how –

You sense the world

From inside now