Poem – The lifeline

Once the lifeline gave to me

A chance to start again

I couldn’t turn back away

I couldn’t say just when


The world had come to greet me

The earth had come to see

Whatever it offered as reward

Was what we’d keep for free


But how did we get that reward

That never seemed to pay

What would be on the side of less

Who wouldn’t stay away


Build on a life where lived pride

Build the house where I’d reside

Stand together, then succeed

Stand alone, then die


Death had come to visit

When it was life I want to see

One stronger than the other

Only one a part of me


But the road to death was long and far

Be one for all, be who you are

The road to death was stifled

By life, an open jar


Travelled, far and long to solve

In the heat and in the cold

Uphill and across the dale

Only to absolve


I could not imagine what I’d find

Were I to travel to the other side

A life, unknowing, in the past

Footsteps following my ride


Be strong when outside forces grab

A ladle, handle, jolly bag

Enticing back to fatal sea

To mis-take life for bad


You’ll be who you always were

To good character, I refer

To better judgement I accede

Comply, consent, defer


Give in only when ready, set

Time, it isn’t up just yet

Give to others if to get

What truly you deserve


When it’s time up, they’ll greet you like a star

Family will know just who you are

Tell what secrets’ stored away

They’ll visit from afar


Oh captain, oh captain, never fade

Join in life’s Great Parade

Be the master of your soul

Don’t shy away or be afraid


Live and learn, it matters not

Sweet memories, ne’er forgot

Until it’s time to meet your fatal shore

Back from coffin to the cot.

Poem – 2 + 2 equals

Looking up to the sky, I see a word

Reminds me of an ageing bird

Lines on face, developed, stern

Stern equals anxious plus concern


Flying kite deletes reflected stare

Ageing equals stranger’s glare

What says he who owns a scowl

Half-way to church with steeple


Worrisome memories equal regret in charge

Wearisome as concern defrayed

Subtract this day from hope and faith

Lines replaced, church far away


Concern allayed by hope and faith

Pencil in mouth as smile freezes

Smile over frown today

At forty-five degrees


Hope equals faith plus belief

Belief and faith equal the same

Faith multiplied by belief gives hope

Hope is the ageing bird’s new name.

Poem – Heaven

Is there a place for me up there?

Behind prison bars, a place retained

Repent and enter the Gates when called

Teach, philosophise, abstain.


Abandonment of those who build

Discard those who don’t agree

Have mercy on those who walk the trail

Inculcate to follow thee


Nature, nurture, heredity

A blank slate until you’re seven

Recklessness over intellect

Before you reach the Gates of Heaven


Privilege, Wealth, must walk alone

It is the weak who need attending

Abundance enters ‘Heaven’ on Earth

Needy shunned by Earth, to Heaven, sending


Witness free thought, o’er yonder seen

Destiny, belief, opposed

Should my thoughts belong to me?

Or should I think and follow as I’m told?


There is a small stream far away

He’s on one side, me the other

The side of thought is not divine

Thought, by location, became my brother.

Poem – Swings and round-a-bouts

Happiness found in day at Fair,

Worry left at home.

Sadness knocking on neighbour’s door

As Concern’s left lying on the floor.


Excitement joins Happiness at the Fair –

Anxiety lost along the road –

Sleeplessness found in another’s bed –

Loneliness’ is Gloom – Gloom sees red.


Delight joins his friends at Fair,

Tiredness found in nursing home.

Obsession lost in shopping mall,

Misfortune, clumsy, took a fall.


Delirium hops on round-a-bout,

Happiness, Excitement, watch and shout.

Pessimism, ill at home, sheds tear –

Apprehension crashes into Fear.


Exhilaration on slippery slope, enthused,

Delight, Delirium watch on.

Displeasure sick, taking pills,

Misery rugged up warm, with chills.


Paradise at Fair, mates join the throng,

Harmony sings a happy tune –

Optimism enters their world to share

Their pure amusement at the Fair.


At home they live in ‘nother world –

Hope lost in spate of Sorrow, Gloom

Whilst the friends at Fair, from swing, get down

They laugh aloud, run into Clown.


Paradise yelled out; ‘We’re home, at last

At the Fair we had a blast!’


‘But we saw Phobia along the way.

He jumped the fence to get away –

Misery loves company, they say.’


Around the house was the smell of Fun

Displeasure, Pessimism, Misfortune, gone

Cloud went too –

As Sunshine shone.

Poem – Oliver

Oliver strolled to the highest mountain
To seek out a magical sight.
It was a mountain greener than the greenest of pastures,
It spoke of goodness and light.

From the mountain-top Oliver saw the cliffs,
Far to the west they stood.
On top a four-leafed clover found
By the wee man wearing a hood.

A clover was lucky, four-leaves to be sure,
So rare that to seek and to find
Would give good luck for time immemorially,
Attached to the finder and to his kind.

A wee little leprechaun has special powers to search
For what others find barely at all.
Faith, hope and love, a three-leaf clover can give
But the fourth leaf keeps one enthralled.

Oliver the shoemaker can hide the clover away
In his shoe, and there it will stay
Until others attach themselves to the little green man
And they try to take it away.

Then the others ask after the leprechaun’s gold,
Pots of it they think he does have.
“You’ll never take it away,” the little man says.
At the end of the rainbow it’s safe.

But the wee little man could not hide the truth,
A lie he never could tell.
So he moved his pot of gold from the end of the rainbow
Down to the water well.

The Jester had listened, intently he’d heard
All that had come from the ‘crowd.’
He had nothing to add other than harmony, verse
And with that he sang this out loud;

“Roll over, roll over, that four-leaf clover
Become the leprechaun’s friend
Roll over, roll over that four-leaf clover
Can’t wait to see Oli’ again.”

Poem – What lies beneath…

Dancing on the water

It glistened in the sun

Knowing not what lay beneath

Knowing not what rose above


It was the sun that led me there

Nothing else to follow

Knowing not where you were

My life directionless, I wallow


Into a hole I’d fallen down

Without your presence in’t

My only expression now a frown

The sun barely a glint


In my mother’s or my father’s eye

Before I came, explored

What this fair world, awaiting me

Would represent, would store


Hidden away ‘til adult-hood

Was love, that word used oft’

Feelings mixed within melting pot

Like boiled kettle, held aloft


I stood close to water’s edge

And saw the fish there swimming in

Was my heart with her or transplanted

To a place beyond where I had been?


The fish I saw in glistening water

A glint, no doubt, was in its eye

Was my fate staring me down

Or would I always wonder why?


I was lost beneath, within the sea

Dancing water, glistened sun

Was it my fate to reflect or find

Or walk this world, alone, as one?


Poem – Blood

An eerie sound of silence

Came over the sky

Standing just inside the door

Not knowing what I’d find


A couple lying out of bed

On top of bed-sheets, I was told

Strangers that had left a thread

Betwixt – between the fold


Was this my lot, was this my place

Nothing natural ‘bout this race

Afraid of conflict (seen on my face)

Was this where I should be?


Uncertain what I could detect

Mirrored scene it would reflect

Unbeknownst, portray, suspect

Suddenly, no clearer


Like a possum, on the road

No-one cared they’d met their own

Didn’t matter they were shown

Lady – naked, bare


From lovers’ tryst to homicide

Evidentiary preparation

From grist in mill, silent, still

Suppository objurgation


Ask not what others deem be fair

Evidence be gained, facts not spared

Lovers lives, they be repaired

Silence heard them cry


Be the one to distort

Be the quiet, nee, the silent, sort

Prey, don’t deem to report

What’s been lost by me


Lovers lay there, naked still

Homocide, self-harm (we never will)

Others yet to have their fill

For what’s been lost at sea.

Poem – Pictures and words

Words, they drew me unto you

An easel read to me

A letter, brush

A page, a stroke



Delight, to write

A bird, in flight

A feather on the floor


Chapter, aloud

In front of crowd

More come through open door


Sit anywhere

Drawn to share

On easel is a portrait


Words on page

Centre stage

Organise, arrange and sort it


Music, art

Comes from the heart

Healthy life, its own prescription


Word-smith, thrive

Whence we derive

To reach a new conclusion




Reflect and reap and sow


Children’s eyes

An alibi

Anxious they are to grow




Brush in warm and soapy water


Beginner’s art

The place to start

Says mother to her daughter


Words and pictures

Building bridges

Sister walks with brother



Doesn’t go

(Need both to show)

Can’t have one without the other

Poem – Tomorrow, today…

Every day I live

Is yesterday for me

A life half gone – but

Yet to begin


Every day I live

Is tomorrow, newly found

A life, renewed to

Live without, within


Twenty-four hours

Passes by

Today’s tomorrow now

A life I dreamt

But never thought

Would come


Three days ago

Was yesterday

Lived out three times


I’m living tomorrow

I feel that I have



Before I lived out


Like it never would be


Now every day I live

I’m sure to shine


Tomorrow, now

Today, has become