Poem – Lost

She was here but now she’s lost

A winter breeze turned into frost

A weathered hand, salt of the soil

What did she want to say?


A butterfly, resting on flower

Wings fluttered, quiet hour

I turned away, the colour foiled

Butterfly had flown away


A dog lay, forever, by my side

Recovered from energetic ‘ride’

Shuffled off that mortal coil

This dry and sunburnt day


A veil, in times of old

Worn to wed to whom one sold

Today, ‘veil’ worn for different reason

Never to relate


To whom one sold, life changed, delayed

But one still sold, uncultured, frayed

Not one enough for one of other

More to ‘expiate.’


The ‘veil’ worn, she be lost

To others, but to him, embossed

Hidden, out of sight not out of mind

She was there all day.

Poem – Black hole

I look over my shoulder, bare

To see what lay beyond

Sensing what I’d lost

What had been and gone


Gone before I knew

What I’d lost for good

Lost in black hole, left behind

An object, that I should


Have thought of more

Have thought to store

In memory of kind


Embellishment of what is real

A dream, I couldn’t find


What I sensed in sight

I lost that night

I approached what came to me


I knew at last

I had a grasp

Of what had come to see


It came to see the brighter light

To feel, to touch, to clench

Only fiction left in afterglow

Rendered my intelligence


Void of knowledge, left with despair

Lost in black hole, left for dead

A chasm, rift, a hollow place

I stared at death, my final bed


What and where and how,

Had black hole come to me?

Like a magnet, like a moth to flame

Unwilling to accept, it couldn’t be


Acting out what I’d dreamt

Like Impressionistic art

Painting the view of life I knew

Painting refreshment, a new start


Once upon a time there was a man

Whose clock began again

Black hole replaced with wonderment

Why – for whom, and how, and when?

Poem – The apple tree

He sat alone amongst the many

Soulful, stifled, unknown to all

As if a shadow followed him in sunshine

As passers-by, unseen, did fall

He sat alone amongst the many

Touching though they could not feel

Speaking though they could not hear

He shouted as if to declare;

‘I’m reaching out to those in need

But it’s me who needs protecting

The multitude could not feel, hear or see 

No-one that day would follow me.’

He sat alone amongst the many

He sat there as twilight followed day

Knowing someone, somewhere, would assist him

Knowing someone, somewhere, would one day say;

“I’ve been you when you were me

I’ve been near the end, alone and lonely

Believe, have faith, prey mercy be

Come take my hand, all you need, only

Is a friend from the pit, from down below

Who’s been there once, twice, thrice before

Starved, deprived of pictures, words

Starved of truth, forgotten, poor.

Yet I’ve walked sun-filled streets free from harm

To feel shackle wrap ’round my arm

So I reach up toward the sky

‘Cos there I find the reason why.

‘Release me,’ I cried, enjoy the day

I know not any other way

When shackle’s gone, life surrounds

Sickness and fear no more abound.

Fear and emotion I wear not well

Estrangement, loss, a wishing well

Espouse free thought and free expression

As I share with you my true impression

Safe and harmless it may be

Undervalued, uncared for, freedom lost

My smile, at best, a need to see

Save other from life’s needless cost.

What we harvest we, in time, reap then sow

No matter a good harvest or a bad one be

Beyond the pit come follow me

The fruit will grow on your apple tree.”

Poem – If only…

If only the sun didn’t carry heat

If only winter did not bring snow

If only the water lapped at my feet

If only I could reap and sow

If only I saw the future, told

If only I could tell what I had in store

If only I lacked regret for days of old

If only I could pick myself up off the floor

If only I wasn’t hesitant and shy

If only I could move ahead with cause

If only I could stop asking; ‘why?’

If only I heard someone’s applause

If only I was missed when in absentia

If only I could enjoy the fruits of man

If only I could avert societal censure

If only I could taste the fruits picked by hand

If only I could travel to foreign land

If only foreign land could come to me

If only I could feel the granules of sand

If only I could walk, softly, on the sea

If only I realised what I can do

You and I would feel okay

If only I knew what I don’t know

Remorsefulness would go away

Poem – helping hand

A hand reached out in time of need,
Rain in time of drought.
Fingers interlaced, accede,
Bud blooms from planted seed.

A hand reached out, come what may,
In time of loss, of sorrow.
Transfixed, hand in glove. To stay?
Or would, once more, in time, away?

A hand reached out, no more the poorer
A descendent finding family.
To face, to feel, to touch, be surer,
With every waking hour. Purer?

A hand reached out to touch the glass
Through it could be seen the far horizon.
‘Twas a masterpiece from the past,
It’s value translucent. Would it last?

A hand reached out in time of need
Sun in time of flood.
Fingers interlaced, accede,
The town survived, the rain recedes.

Poem – i thought

I thought I heard her flap her ears

That day when I awoke

I thought I heard her by my side

That day when I first spoke

I thought I felt her lick my face

‘Get up, the day’s begun’

I thought I saw her wag her tail

But there was only one

I thought I felt her paw my arm

Hanging out the side

I thought I heard her almost purr

There by my bedside

I thought she rolled over on her back

Was it my imagination?

I thought she smiled, that soft way she does

Must have been my re-creation

‘Hello, my friend, how are you today?

Did you have a good night sleep?’

And when I realised she wasn’t there

It almost made me weep.


Poem – Kingdom come

What I’d give to find a Queen
For a Kingdom, almost lost
Sweet reflection, I have seen
Of femininity, embossed

Gentle care, emotive strength
The sun grows ever stronger
Queen or Kingdom, is that my choice?
The days grow ever longer

Whereupon the sun goes down
A Princess now awaiting
To relieve the King from Kingdom
The Princess must have patience

Must I choose, duty or love?
Why can’t I have both?
Can love not make duty profound?
One I must betroth.’

Betrothen to be duty-bound
Or betrothen to be a lover
Clarity of forethought beholden me
To stand by one or by the other

Whereupon the sun comes up
Like a beacon of shining light
My beloved to sacrifice
For a Kingdom, I say; ‘Fight.’

Poem – After the Fall

Once I was in the womb

Before I made it to the tomb

What went between it matters not

Cherished memories, now forgot


Maitre’d to those with plenty

Entree served before main course

Do we get to partake at all

Or just bus and wait on you and yours


Transcendental or eternal

With alterations, grass is greener

Grass dies with season ending

Altered, dead, or just pretending


The fence makes another’s life look sweet

Fence impales sight

As I reach the fence, other’s life turns sour

Reality bites, pang of guilt felt – quite


Ill wind brings chill, cold light of day

Riches of another won’t go away

Pleasure lost, regret in tow

Envy present of friend and foe


Path hindered to resolution

Satisfaction’s path be true

To satisfy, life’s conundrum

Regret away, walk on through


Consider bird, or tree, or well-bound book

Duty, strain of thought, be gone

Pragmatic not Deterministic

Smile, if present, only wan


Well-bound book or bumble-bee

Man-handled or nature’s own

Rejoice on Satisfaction’s path

Regret be gone, enjoyment grown


Stow away on path to plenty

Plenty reached after the Fall

Satisfaction now on board

Cherished memories, now recalled.


Poem – Moral Absolution

I felt a pang of enmity

In shoulder and in heart

A pang that measures friend from foe

Who, once loved, now forgot.


But enmity and absolution

Couldn’t share the thoughts of one

A lover with a dagger drawn

Spells irony to some


To heal, to treat, perambulate

Attend to task at hand

Others would awaken

Compassion in that man.


Beholden love, beholden trust

Respect met Graciousness that day

Invited Care, Consideration

To participate, to stay.


Notice the feather in his cap

See the bird resting on the sill

Bravo those attending him

Thank God they always will


Give of themselves what’s within

Release, absolve, commute

Consider not the worth of man

But the moral absolute.