the path less travelled…

He rose above the helpless throng
He was only one among a crowd
He heard a calling, 'twas a song
Timely, he could not disregard

You've come to me for rationale
You've come to me for saviour
No-one else can take the stand
You've come to me, the one you favour

The steps on which we stagger
From one level to the next
Like climbing up the corporate ladder
Feeling e'er, between, betwixt

The next step up he could not see
The frond led him to the money tree
Ladder of wealth, mendacity
The pathway opened unto me

Who and what and where we were
Why and how we hit upon
Invited, I failed to confer
I took the path less travelled on


Remind me to take instruction

From the antonym of him

To take my teachings from

The supposition of a fact


Remind me to teach myself to learn

From the better part of man

Someone who can read and write

Who has a lesson plan


Remind me ne’er to listen

To the man who can’t himself

Remind me to leave his book

Hidden from the shelf


Remind me to ignore the man

Who’ll beseech at any cost

Who lectures, says it’s my way

Or the highway will be lost


Remind me to be thankful

For what I could go without

Remind me to welcome lost souls in

When others shut them out


Remind me ne’er to err on caution’s side

Hesitant, I stay

I should be enticed to wonder

To see the sunlight in the day


Remind me to cherish

What I never thought I’d love

To see peace at time of war

To welcome and betroth


Teachings and instruction

From the synonym of her

The antonym of ‘I know best’

Is the teacher who tells me;

‘As you were.’

Poem – Belief

Belief is what you see outside

That stands upon the scroll

And pens charity, upon the page

And continues on, enthralled


And as the chirping bird is heard

An idea comes to mind

That the morning mist in glory’s gate

Could never deem to find


It’s heard amongst the forest

Where the kookaburra’s king

Yet, rarely in the sunburnt land

It’s said most anything


Yet as the sunbeam shines

It’s seen to say a prayer

It’s hard to know, from soul to soul

If immortality is there

Oh promises

Oh promises, oh promises

Why are there so few?

Oh promises, empty promises

I haven’t but a clue


A leap of faith describes belief

Why is it hard to find?

To lie, to cheat, to steal

Comes easily to human-kind


Optimism beaten

By pessimism’s sword

Negate the pathway of success

Reinforce it moving forward


Forgive me for forgetting

Why can I not recall?

Memory tries to shut me out

From everything and all


A standard test of kindness

Can loss bring it back to me?

Perhaps it’s lost forever

Perhaps it’s wandered out to sea


I see it from a distance

Why aren’t I allowed up close?

My manner lost to arrogance

My feelings bellicose


But underneath the ocean tide

Compassion lies in store

Empathy waded out to sea –

I stand on the shore.

Relaxed discomfort

The silence that the darkness brings

Is erubescent in the night

Dusk awakens, the darkness springs

To the lively sun when light


As my heart’s skin is shed in day

Attitude is centripetal

Twilight comes with tranquil focus

You are my child in the lotus.

Poem – What lies beneath…

Dancing on the water

It glistened in the sun

Knowing not what lay beneath

Knowing not what rose above


It was the sun that led me there

Nothing else to follow

Knowing not where you were

My life directionless, I wallow


Into a hole I’d fallen down

Without your presence in’t

My only expression now a frown

The sun barely a glint


In my mother’s or my father’s eye

Before I came, explored

What this fair world, awaiting me

Would represent, would store


Hidden away ‘til adult-hood

Was love, that word used oft’

Feelings mixed within melting pot

Like boiled kettle, held aloft


I stood close to water’s edge

And saw the fish there swimming in

Was my heart with her or transplanted

To a place beyond where I had been?


The fish I saw in glistening water

A glint, no doubt, was in its eye

Was my fate staring me down

Or would I always wonder why?


I was lost beneath, within the sea

Dancing water, glistened sun

Was it my fate to reflect or find

Or walk this world, alone, as one?


Poem – If only…

If only the sun didn’t carry heat

If only winter did not bring snow

If only the water lapped at my feet

If only I could reap and sow

If only I saw the future, told

If only I could tell what I had in store

If only I lacked regret for days of old

If only I could pick myself up off the floor

If only I wasn’t hesitant and shy

If only I could move ahead with cause

If only I could stop asking; ‘why?’

If only I heard someone’s applause

If only I was missed when in absentia

If only I could enjoy the fruits of man

If only I could avert societal censure

If only I could taste the fruits picked by hand

If only I could travel to foreign land

If only foreign land could come to me

If only I could feel the granules of sand

If only I could walk, softly, on the sea

If only I realised what I can do

You and I would feel okay

If only I knew what I don’t know

Remorsefulness would go away

Poem – After the Fall

Once I was in the womb

Before I made it to the tomb

What went between it matters not

Cherished memories, now forgot


Maitre’d to those with plenty

Entree served before main course

Do we get to partake at all

Or just bus and wait on you and yours


Transcendental or eternal

With alterations, grass is greener

Grass dies with season ending

Altered, dead, or just pretending


The fence makes another’s life look sweet

Fence impales sight

As I reach the fence, other’s life turns sour

Reality bites, pang of guilt felt – quite


Ill wind brings chill, cold light of day

Riches of another won’t go away

Pleasure lost, regret in tow

Envy present of friend and foe


Path hindered to resolution

Satisfaction’s path be true

To satisfy, life’s conundrum

Regret away, walk on through


Consider bird, or tree, or well-bound book

Duty, strain of thought, be gone

Pragmatic not Deterministic

Smile, if present, only wan


Well-bound book or bumble-bee

Man-handled or nature’s own

Rejoice on Satisfaction’s path

Regret be gone, enjoyment grown


Stow away on path to plenty

Plenty reached after the Fall

Satisfaction now on board

Cherished memories, now recalled.


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