Never before, once again

Away, at home, forever

Sincerely dishonest, as was before

Always, maybe, never


An honest liar, stubborn tolerance

To liberally legislate

Hedonistic stoicism

Accepting of difference and irate


Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Out of sight means you’re out of mind

Forgetful of those not in our sight

What you see is all there is to find


Energetically sedentary,

A soldier of poverty I found

Giving to the wealthy, taxing the poor

Cruel to be kind, such thoughts abound


Do unto to others before they do unto you

Treat others as you’d treat yourself

Parental supervisory neglect

A librarian who leaves books on the shelf


A serious joke, an honest thief

Pain is required for pleasure

Happily sad, alone together

Sun proves we’re in for nasty weather


My day was busy doing nothing

We were ridiculously sublime

Clearly confused, alone together

Oxymoronically defined


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