knife and fork

Knife arrived, table set

Fork left in the drawer

Waitress counting placements

“One, two, three,…twenty-four.”


Serviette placed near to Knife

Resplendent, pristine, neat

Desert left in chef’s fridge

First course? Three veg and roast beef


Waitress, eyes viewing the room

Beautiful place setting

Chef sparkled, winked at her, so tender

Amatory, like a netting


Arrivals in suit, wearing tie

Chic, in Windsor knot

Arm in arm leading her

To table, dear begot


Knife, pent up anger had

Value poor without Fork

Chop-sticks, one instead of two

Wine bottle without the cork


Hand in glove, foot and mouth

Husband and his wife

Fingers were made before the Fork

Hands before the Knife.


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