Poem – Kingdom come

What I’d give to find a Queen
For a Kingdom, almost lost
Sweet reflection, I have seen
Of femininity, embossed

Gentle care, emotive strength
The sun grows ever stronger
Queen or Kingdom, is that my choice?
The days grow ever longer

Whereupon the sun goes down
A Princess now awaiting
To relieve the King from Kingdom
The Princess must have patience

Must I choose, duty or love?
Why can’t I have both?
Can love not make duty profound?
One I must betroth.’

Betrothen to be duty-bound
Or betrothen to be a lover
Clarity of forethought beholden me
To stand by one or by the other

Whereupon the sun comes up
Like a beacon of shining light
My beloved to sacrifice
For a Kingdom, I say; ‘Fight.’

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