Poem – If only…

If only the sun didn’t carry heat

If only winter did not bring snow

If only the water lapped at my feet

If only I could reap and sow

If only I saw the future, told

If only I could tell what I had in store

If only I lacked regret for days of old

If only I could pick myself up off the floor

If only I wasn’t hesitant and shy

If only I could move ahead with cause

If only I could stop asking; ‘why?’

If only I heard someone’s applause

If only I was missed when in absentia

If only I could enjoy the fruits of man

If only I could avert societal censure

If only I could taste the fruits picked by hand

If only I could travel to foreign land

If only foreign land could come to me

If only I could feel the granules of sand

If only I could walk, softly, on the sea

If only I realised what I can do

You and I would feel okay

If only I knew what I don’t know

Remorsefulness would go away

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