Blue eyes at birth

Did you know dogs are born with blue eyes at birth? And then they change over time to any wonderment of colour.

This is Kahlua at 8 weeks

And below enjoying her life at home – oh, for the life of a lab!


2 thoughts on “Blue eyes at birth

  1. Adorable! I’ve 2 dogs & I totally fell in love with those blue eyes ❤️ Such a lovely read. You’ve a wonderful blog. Happy to connect 💕 Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your views!!


  2. Thanks! Just took Kahlua to the beach this morning – the heat was hot but the water cool – she loved it! You’re so right – the only constant is change – my blog changed me in 2016 – it led to a published book of poetry – and all the best to you with the long distance r’ship – bye for now…


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