Our own fascination

Whilst standing on the promenade

a pod of toothed whales is seen on the beach – 

elsewhere a dam is giving birth to a foal

the mortal mind within man

shouts aloud from the pier

preying to Him for an eternal soul

the croc feeds on cattle

the hippo capsizes a boat –

there’s surprise in the woods – a grizzly’s foretold

on the page, Winnie lives –  

bringing belief –

in hope and in laughter, in happy and wit

under water the cuttlefish

jumps out of itself –                             

like a rainbow – the blink of an eye – like a slit

whilst in the arms of its mother – a newly born baby lies

believing in ‘am’ and in ‘can’ and in ‘my’

leaping from the page that turns into a book

they arise like a sky – from man’s own creation

a world that’s derived from our own fascination

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