Where is the Wind

   The Wind is taking 
a break today
Unlike the gust it blew in
When it came out to play
But that was then –
A long time away –
Today it lay quiet
With nothing to say
What’s up; I asked
Wind didn’t reply
I pushed and prodded
I tried and I tried
But Wind just lay there
His arms on his head
The Wind just lay there
Like he was in bed
The Sun was busy
Heating the day
The Clouds brought Shade
So the children could play
They played on the slides
In the park under Shade
But Sun thought to himself;
What’s missing today
The children had left
Their flying kites
At home stored away
Cos they couldn’t fly high
Without Wind
Over houses and trees
Their kites couldn’t travel
Couldn’t fly as they pleased
But the Birds were chirping
At rest on the fence
And on the bough of the tree
There were crows counting three
They squawked and hollered
So they could be heard
Whilst Wind lay there silent
Ignoring the Birds
Not even the Breeze
Could put in a show
She had left Wind alone
A long time ago
Sun lost his smile
And faded today
As Rain from dark clouds
Threatened to stay
It stayed for a while
In the afternoon
But decided to leave
As the Sun and the Moon
Came back together
As twilight appeared
Yet Wind stayed so quiet
Just as I feared
The children went home
After playing all day
And told their parents
What I wouldn’t say
That Wind hadn’t come
Under Sun by the sea
Their cool breeze was lost –
Oh where could it be
For no matter the weather
Come Rain or come Sun
When I went to the pier
Wind – always – would come
To spread a Breeze
And keep us all cool
On the pier by the sea –
It was our Golden Rule
The Birds and the Sun
And the Cloud and the Moon
All prayed for Wind
To come play again soon
As the sea and pier
And the trees love a breeze
Raising our arms
Spreading cheerful with ease.

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