the cloud it turned to dark
and the sun had lost its spark
and the tear-drops
they were falling from the sky
Joey felt a droplet
land in his hand –
(he’s got it)
then another fell
and the Earth - it starts to cry
The grass had turned to mud
and the drops were now a thud
and the clouds - they made noises
rarely heard
The thunder it is clapping
and the noise it is nerve-wracking –
as Joey runs inside
without a word
The miner bird is flapping
and Joey’s Mum is wrapping
a blanket 'round her son
to keep him warm
The kettle it is boiling
and Joey’s Mum is warning
Joey - really soon
I know there'll be a storm
But then the thunder stops its clapping
and in the sky a change is happening
as dark clouds they are replaced
by brightest sun
Joey races outside laughing
he can hear the dogs are barking
and all at once they say;
let’s have some jolly fun.  

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