a window to a view

I spoke to them so quietly

That no-one heard me talk

I strolled toward them peacefully

That no-one heard me walk

I went to break the many

Before the rabble roused

All to be part of the whole –

None should feel left out

Build a wall between us

Only to break it down

And stand upon a pedestal

Place a smile ‘top the frown

Bellow so the few can hear

Whisper – they all will

Turn one’s ear toward the voice

Intent will drive until

The peaceful waters dance on air

The sun disturbs their sleep

The willows drape over the lake

And like a child – weep

Believe the moon can turn the night

Into a wistful dream

And wonder if the soulful one

Is all that he may seem

Disturb the peace to build a cause

So many are retrieved

And climb the tree the few can see

A sparkle brings belief

But what of wonder – do we care

To think before we speak

In the morn’ the few are torn

The many want to sleep

So what of those who think and feel

And wish for dreams come true

Their romance brings them aptitude

It finds its way to you

And as two share a moment (close)

And hope for what may come

They pray for better times ahead

And believe that two make one

Do I garble – do I speak

Of nothingness – obtuse

Or are these lines I write in rhyme

A window to a view.

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