the station

I was standing

On the station

I had nothing left to say –

When the sunshine

Turned to darkness

And the shadow lost its way –

I looked beyond

To find it

And over my shoulder gently –

He pressed the button

Took the stairs instead

And then he disappeared –

There was a rock

On the step

His foot pressed hard against it –

Awkwardly he fell

Turning his ankle

Left then right –

Help; he shouted

Out at no-one

As they walked with purpose past him –

They turned their

Heads away

Like anonymity was King –

It took

Ad infinitum

For the woman to approach him –

And ask him

What was wrong

Why was he lying on the ground –

Can’t you see;

I am distressed

I need someone to help me –

Don’t chide me

Stop your scolding;

She was dumfounded by his tone –

As she stood

And turned to leave

He grabbed her arm with force –

Stop, let go;

She demanded

With a strength of steel –

His hand retracted

From her arm

It touched her supple palm with meaning –

Was she his

Newfound shadow

In the darkness of the evening –

Lurching forward

Beating resistance

Sensing sincerity would play –

As the siren on the platform sounded

Alerting thousands of commuters

It was time to board their train –

He still lay there

Holding hands

No longer feeling any pain.

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