My avenue of good

I was sleeping on a park-bench

When I saw a man approach me

He was weary – I felt tired

He had grey hair – I a beard

What say you; said the man – 

Now awakened – we were smiling

Suddenly he seemed to be

Clean-shaven (just like me)

Dumbfounded, I said nothing

Quizzical, I sat there

Within my alter ego

As he reached out for my hand

The day was bright and sunny

As his sunshine lent its wisdom

And was glistening and gleaming

On my avenue of good

In my mind I saw him kneeling

Breaking bread together

And scattering it fulsomely

So no-one went without

Can the best of human nature

Conjoin with understanding

To become a semblance

Of the ‘worthless’ and the ‘gray’

Unexpectedly she stood there

On my avenue of good

On the pathway under sunshine

That lent wisdom unto me.

Believe or don’t – choice and will –

Free spirits of desire

Or the essence of forgiveness

And the soul I never knew.

Choice or will breed freedom

Emotions tension and unease –

Unease that finds a partner

In serenity and calm

Come; she told me, gleaming

As she took me by the hand

To the pathway they call choices

Made by virtue of the brave

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