When is on(e) one’s sole design

When is on(e) one’s sole design

when others leave the field

what entices them to leave

when sunshine stands to yield

Could it be less than life itself

could it be more than sure

what comes of thee when running blind

what lends one to want more

Bring the budding (flow)er seen

to bloom in absence grown

to blossom without company

to wallow when one’s flown

Why lost souls dis(pleasure) see

why oneself sees calm

if were to be ‘round other way

one’s head rests on an arm

One cannot speak in truths that bear

one should not oppose untruth

deceit lends itself to (know)ledge lost

like cunning lends to youth

May there be one plus one (or more)

it matters not to me

in person or by other means

my own pacific sea.


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