i walked the road to nowhere

 i walked the road to nowhere
 not knowing where to look
 whilst rooftop terrace by the pool
 heard silence from the throng
 i waited – waited – and some more
 bewildered (without leave)
 the road ahead a solemn black 
 i had feared far too long
 and then it came – after event
 astonishment astounds
 too late I say – far too late
 they got it oh so wrong
 arrogance – bravado – 
 a display I can’t describe
 reciprocation – what is that – 
 (a word) they are not fond
 and yet they stand with back arched forward
 and head bowed when I come
 apologies and platitudes – 
 falsehoods they turn on
 as rough as diamonds left uncut
 as unfeeling as asleep
 an irksome handshake leaves me cold
 though candid makes me strong
 and then the younger form of him
 takes unto the stand
 and offers chutzpah and conceit
 her own downfall will come
 such is the way they prance today
 such is their disrespect
 in warp speed lost to better times
 soon they will succumb. 

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