she lay awake

She lay awake and looked above

Her hand reaching for the sky

She touched the ceiling – broke the glass

And knew that she could fly

She lay awake and felt a rope

Tie her arms together

And as she tried to wrestle free

Her arms were soon untethered

She pushed the sheet above her head

And saw her feet were swollen

Unfamiliar hands – their fingers – crammed

They’d aged – wrinkled – and moulded

She lay awake but could not see –

Her gaze had tripped – had stumbled

She moved her fingers – they would not bend

The ball she’d held – she’d fumbled

She lay awake and tried to speak

But all she could do was stutter –

The bird she saw the day before

Would not chirp or flutter

The sun had died – there was no sky

Her legs and arms were lifeless

She lay – (as she slept) – she cried – she wept

But tears – she was deprived of


for a friend

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