He was sitting on the sofa

watching football when she entered

standing right beside him

in a sundress and high heels

She waved her wan goodbyes

leaving just her own reflection –

the reflection of a fetching woman

in the bosom of his mind

He sat there blankly staring

at the nothingness beside him

as thoughts drifted in and out

as if forbidden, lost or stolen

The rain had started as a shower

now a downpour – it detracted

from his unforeseen encumbrance –

the remission of a sin

He strolled toward the kitchen

the kettle – it was empty

so he filled it only half full

with despondency beside

With warp speed – dissolution entered

and the storm-clouds – they had gathered

blotting out the sunlight

and perpetuity of heart

He listened for the voices

and with sullen apprehension

looked outside the window –

but all he could hear was dread

It spoke but for a moment

yet (suddenly) it changed him

as it brought the softest smile

and sunshine from the pain.

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