Like a sprinkle

He looked left then

looked right –

darkness he was viewing

He walked a step

then another

he turned to face the air

His face was freckled

he was tired –

(was it youth he was missing)

Would a smile find

his mouth and sit there

inside – or share

friends – (there were

none) – yet there

were people around him

Strangers to be

sure – as imperfect

as we

Can I help you

I heard someone

say – it came as a surprise

They said it with

feeling – with

truth in their eyes

He smiled – touched

his hat and said

thank-you – I’m fine…

That moment – like

a sprinkle – (of

water) on plants

It made him bloom

made him blossom

like he’d lost his need to sigh

He walked down

the street – past

the bus-stop by the fountain

As he did so

he tipped his hat

as if saying; Good-day

How a stranger

on a corner

can determine the mood

Of an old man with

feelings that

regenerate his day

Hope speaks to us

as imperfect

as strangers

Ignoring those

right beside them

a civil foray

Is there hope

for understanding

for us finding our way?

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